Thursday, November 19, 2009

Down this road before...

Less than one week to go and I will be in Cozumel! Ten days out from race day and everything is falling into place. I finished my last long training days feeling good and escaping any overtraining or injury! I was hovering on "the razors edge" for a bit, feeling strong, but knowing that I could step over that "edge" very easily. Thankfully I did not step over that edge and I finished strong! My body began the resting process last week and it is just starting to bounce back from all of the training and feel fantastic! This is perfect timing and this, in my opinion, is what my coach does best. Timing is everything, right?

I never like to feel too good two weeks out from race day. I know that I am right on target when I feel a bit tired with heavy legs 2 weeks out, then the body starts to gradually feel better a week and a half out and just gets better and better from there! This is how exactly how Im feeling right now... My legs responded very well to the workout today, but were tired this time last week. I have been down this road MANY times before, so there are no surprises. This weekend, (now that Im nearing the end) I should feel fantastic and I should begin to feel like I can race an Ironman! Next week is the count down to race day: travel, rest, wait (perhaps do a bit of snorkeling?!), hydrate, perform some short bursts of intensity to keep the systems open and ready to go, eat, sleep and before you know it race day is here! What fun!

GOOD LUCK to my friends racing Arizona this weekend!!! Kathy, Tara, Wolf and Kasia! (The picture of the Ironman race start is from honor of them!)


Peter said...

Good Luck Danielle. Sounds like your engine is tuned up and ready to go, it's a great feeling. Enjoy yourself.
Peter H.

BreeWee said...

DANIELL! I was so happy to run with you and chat with you...You are such a beautiful person!! I hope next season we are able to race together-only faster!! :)

Oh, I have a funny short little video Pablo took of us running, I will tag it to you on FB.... good memories! ALL the best!